[Main technical indicators of non-woven masterbatch]
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Main technical indicators of non-woven masterbatch:

1, the appearance of the cylinder particle uniform, consistent color

2. Excellent spinnability

3, heat resistance ≥230℃

4, migration resistance ≥4

5. Sun fastness ≥6

6, moisture content (%) ≤0.2

7, total color difference (CIELAB) ΔE<1.5

Third, the use of non-woven masterbatch ratio and method:

The color masterbatch of the non-woven fabric can be used with the raw material resin in a certain proportion (according to the specifications of the non-woven fabric and user requirements), and the required color effect can be achieved by simple mixing (without adding any additives). The polypropylene non-woven color masterbatch and polyolefin resin are mixed evenly at a ratio of 1.5~3% (depending on the opening performance requirements of the product), and then normal processing can be carried out.

Four, the use of non-woven masterbatch advantages

To ensure that the pigment achieves the desired dispersion effect, and to achieve the stability of the color of different batches of colored products;

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