[Introduction of non-woven production line]
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Introduction of non-woven production line

From personal hygiene to medical treatment, from household products to industrial wipes, non-woven fabrics are an increasingly widely used product. The production process is complex and involves a series of processes that require careful management of the material to prevent damage to its essential properties.

Similarly, non-woven rolls must be handled in a way that avoids any contamination and damage during packaging and transportation to the warehouse, so that the product reaches the final consumer intact, just as it came out of the production line.

After many years of summary by designers, the air duct adopts the ordinary slit overall drafting design to ensure the average fiber laying, the fiber fineness reaches about 3 deniers, and the vertical and horizontal strength of the product meets or exceeds the specification.

Non-woven fabrics are made of polyester fibers and polyester fibers, which are made through the knitting process and can be made with different thicknesses, feel and hardness. With the development of science and technology, the production of non-woven fabrics has been replaced from manual to mechanical production, and its emergence has solved thorny problems such as slow processing efficiency.

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