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Non-woven equipment is a kind of machine used for processing and producing various non-woven products, mainly including mask machine, surgical clothing machine, filter cotton weaving machine and so on. These equipment can produce non-woven bags, non-woven shoe covers, non-woven gloves, non-woven pillow core sets, non-woven fruit sets, non-woven strip caps, non-woven doctor hats, non-woven head covers, and other products.

The working principle of the non-woven equipment is to use high frequency oscillation by the welding head to transmit sound waves to the welding surface of the working object, instantly causing the working object molecules to produce friction, reaching the plastic melting point, so as to complete the rapid dissolution of solid materials and complete the welding.

The polypropylene used in non-woven equipment is a pure linear saturated hydrocarbon polymer macromolecule without polar groups and active groups, and has high chemical stability.

The polypropylene fiber used in non-woven equipment has high crystallinity, dense structure and strong hydrophobicity, which make polypropylene provide dyeing, and dye molecules cannot or are difficult to diffuse to the room. Therefore, in order to improve the practicability and aesthetics of polypropylene non-woven fabrics, the production of color masterbatch adopts the pre-spinning dyeing method.

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