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Non-woven equipment mainly has the following advantages

First, a wide range of raw materials, product varieties, such as inorganic fiber, metal fiber, a variety of functional fibers, recycled fibers and other textile industry is difficult to process the original. Because of the diversity of raw materials, the varieties and functions of the products are more diverse, the scope of application and the prospect of development is very broad.

Second, the production process is simple and the labor efficiency is high. This feature is conducive to the popularization and use of process equipment and the experimental research of process technology.

Third, the production speed is fast and the output is high. This is also the main reason for the rapid development of non-woven equipment industry

Fourth, the process changes, the product is widely used.

At present, the common problem in the manufacturing of non-woven equipment is that after a new equipment comes out, we are trying to imitate how the equipment is made, many are made by surveying and mapping means, whether it is good or not, while debugging, while exploring. As a result, the success rate is low, the time is long and the cost is large.

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