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What are the products produced by non-woven equipment?

The use of non-woven equipment is very common, and non-woven equipment is mainly used in the textile industry. We all know that many of our clothing fabrics are processed and produced, and our non-woven equipment is needed here. So what products can it produce? I believe everyone should be very curious. Next The introduction is about the products produced by non-woven equipment. You should read it patiently, and it will let us know more about non-woven equipment.

1. Fabrics and related deep-processed products: medical and health materials, interior decoration materials, new construction and waterproof materials, labor protection products, environmental protection materials, filter materials, new thermal insulation materials and clothing accessories Industrial materials, agricultural materials, automotive materials, packaging materials And coated base fabrics, geotextiles and geosynthetics. 2. Non-woven fabrics and deep-processed products: geotextiles, construction fabrics, automotive fabrics, agricultural fabrics, synthetic leather base fabrics, filter materials, building materials, electrical insulation materials, environmental protection products, papermaking, blankets, medical and hygiene products , decorative supplies, clothing supplies, shoe materials, household items, other multi-functional non-woven fabrics. Spunbond, meltblown, needle punched, hydroentangled, thermally bonded, chemically bonded nonwovens and their products.

The technical process of non-woven equipment also has a very important position in our textile industry. If there is anything you don't understand, please contact us. If you want to know more about this aspect, please follow our company's official website. We will continue to update it for you in the future.

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