[Preparations before use of non-woven equipment]
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Preparations before use of non-woven equipment

Now there are a lot of non-woven fabrics used, and there are many non-woven fabric manufacturers in the market. If you want to produce more non-woven fabrics, you need to use non-woven fabric equipment. Non-woven fabric equipment has corresponding operating procedures. , especially before using the non-woven equipment, there is sufficient preparation work, these preparations are very important, in general, the preparation work before the use of non-woven equipment is what we will introduce below, Let's find out together.

Preparations before use of non-woven equipment

1. Put the rewinding roller, first start the main engine power and frequency conversion controller, and then slowly rotate the frequency conversion speed control switch.

2. If you need to count, you can arbitrarily set the number of pieces or meters you want on the counter.

3. According to the characteristics of various cloths, adjust the two tensions of the cloth so that the cloth is neither tight nor loose.

4. If the product comes out with uneven punching, it can be adjusted by the adjusting device of the spiral punching knife until it is even.

5. If the product comes out too loose or not tight, it can be adjusted by the product air pressure adjustment device.

6. Carry out trial operation; after starting the machine, speed up the speed appropriately and observe whether the adjustment results of the above steps are normal. If it is not normal, continue to adjust the previous steps; if it is normal, set the production speed to the folded state of the machine.

Before using the non-woven equipment, the above preparations must be completed before the follow-up work can be carried out. Whether it is non-woven equipment or non-woven production machinery after use, don't forget to check to see if there is a fault, if there is a fault, it needs to be repaired, if there is no fault, it can be used normally. In addition, proper maintenance of non-woven equipment is very necessary, and attention is also required in the process of use.

Now, everyone has a simple understanding of non-woven equipment. The technical process of non-woven equipment also has a very important position in our textile industry. If there is anything you don't understand, please contact us. If you want to know more about this aspect, please follow our company's official website. We will continue to update it for you in the future.

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