[Non-woven fabric application]
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Sanitary materials; baby diapers, adult incontinence pads, ladies sanitary napkins, other cleaning applications, etc.

Medical supplies; surgical masks, disposable clothes, surgical curtains, shoe sleeves, etc.

Technical engineering; civil engineering, construction engineering, agricultural field, automotive field, etc.

Packing supplies; shopping bags, rice bags, tea bags, apparel packaging, etc.

Household items; spring cloth, bedding, seat supplies, etc.

Sanitary materials; baby diapers, adult incontinence pads, etc.

Medical supplies; surgery masks, surgical blinds, etc. Combination with other types of non-woven fabric

Paper composite materials, etc. Work protection, protective clothing, gas masks, etc.

Non-woven fabric application


It is made from ultrafine fibers to its good isolation and filtration characteristics.


Health Materials Baby and Children's Health Supplies, Women's Health Supplies, Pads, Hydrophizers, etc.

Hot melt adhesive material

Absorbing material absorbs filter material, air, liquid (benzene, water, blood), etc., such as wiping material, oil adsorption material, liquid absorbing material (benzene, water, blood).

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