[Two years with the epidemic,]
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Two years with the epidemic, the Japanese market demand is weak, stagnated

Due to weak demand, consumption and systemic restrictions in Japan's clothing retail

Multi-faceted factors superimpose to make Japanese textile clothing consumption downturn. Japan is one of the world's most important textile apparel traditional retail market, but compared to the United States, EU, China and other regions, its retail market has high dependence, and its own market is relatively limited, and the bubble economy has long been long Trapped in the elbow of consumption, the Japanese market has been in a state in which demand is weak after the epidemic, and the development of textile apparel is stagnant. Although the Japanese government has also issued a series of measures, such as implementing a supplementary budget, it is used to stimulate economic development, boost consumption, but the main beneficiary is mainly for mechanical equipment, medical and hygiene, fuel energy, including clothing. The daily consumer goods in the apparel are still not seen.

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