[The second outbreak of the European epidemic hits ]
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The time has come to the end of November, and the textile people are still very busy. Many manufacturers have been fully fired. The operating rate in Jiangsu and Zhejiang has risen to 8-9%, just like a peak season.

During the visit, a cloth boss reflected: "We can probably make the order by the end of the year. Now the order is not worried, but the workers are not satisfied. Because of the bad business, many workers have resigned and returned to their hometowns. Now that the market is good, we can't hire workers anymore. So now our operating rate is only 80%, and many other factories are fully opened."

There are plenty of orders, but not enough workers

Not only weaving factories, but even dyeing factories and finishing factories are facing difficulties in recruiting workers. After the order skyrocketed, labor problems have become prominent. Many manufacturers are now facing the dilemma of not being able to recruit workers. For this problem, the above The cloth boss said: "We have also thought about raising wages to recruit people, but our costs will go up. We have been hit by the epidemic this year. Our cash flow is very tight. Now we can just feed the workers. If the wages increase, so We can’t afford to have more workers at once. Taking it all into consideration, let’s turn on fewer machines.” But there are also bosses who said: “As long as there are workers, especially skilled workers, who are still willing to hire, the wages will be increased appropriately. Just within the range we can bear.

It is true that from the perspective of the enterprise, whether to increase wages or not, how many people are recruited, and how much capacity to increase, not only must be focused on the immediate situation, but also for the future. After all, the cost will rise suddenly, and it will be difficult to reduce it. A factory manager said: “Now is the peak period of orders, orders are increasing, and there are not enough workers. However, if the epidemic in Europe occurs again in the first half of the year, then we can only reduce cost pressure through production cuts and holidays. Once recruited, the labor cost will also go up. For small factories like us, the profit is so small, and the final recruiting may be futile."

The problem of labor is the old difficulty of the textile industry. At the beginning of each year, we face the problem of "difficult recruitment and expensive labor". After the Spring Festival every year, the labor gap is the biggest. Some migrant workers will not come back after returning home after the Spring Festival. Due to the epidemic, the overall wages have dropped, and many workers have chosen to return to their hometowns for employment. Now that the market has begun to improve, there has been a gap in the area of workers.

In addition to labor issues, some textile bosses who do foreign trade have recently encountered the problems of not being able to book the space and lack of boxes.

The outbreak of the epidemic, the boss of cloth rushed to the delivery date, but the container was not enough

The current cloth bosses can be said to be terrified, especially when it comes to the European market. Many countries have announced the cancellation of this year’s Christmas season. This also means that many fabrics are being made for Christmas. Once the Christmas season is cancelled, does it mean Will these orders also face cancellation? So the best way now is to ship the goods quickly. If you want to ship the goods, you have to book the space. A foreign trade clerk said: "Now the cabinet is too difficult to determine, the freight is also rising, and many overseas warehouses are bursting. Yes, in order to ship as soon as possible, you must contact the forwarder to book the space in advance."

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