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Recently, it is not only T8 and other net celebrity fabrics that are selling well in the textile market, some conventional fabrics seem to have gradually become popular, and some trade bosses jokingly said: "Recently, the time for playing cards is gone! "

  The return of orders for 500,000 meters

   The textile market seems to usher in the "peak season" early

We must know that since the resumption of work this year, orders for hundreds of thousands of meters have been very few. Many textile bosses have only received orders for hundreds of thousands of meters. Now in mid-August, the shadow of the off-season has gradually faded. The garment factory began to place orders with weavers...

"Recently, a customer asked us to weave on 30 looms for two consecutive months to produce double-layer four-sided stretches, so that there will be about four to five million meters in volume. This is only temporary. The customer said that orders will be placed later." Said a textile boss with 400 looms.

"We have recently sold very well some conventional varieties like nylon tetrahedrons, with a steady stream of orders, and customers are also increasing the quantity from time to time. The most recent order is about 500,000 meters, and there are some tens of thousands of meters, several kilometers. For small orders, the current market conditions are generally justifiable," said the textile boss of Yishengze.

   Not only that, now there are fewer and fewer people selling at low prices in the circle of friends, and more are turned into buying news, ranging from a few kilometers to hundreds of thousands of meters. The textile market seems to be on the right track...

  The off-season is coming to an end, and seasonal fabrics are "hot sale"

The hot sales of conventional products are not very unexpected, because the arrival of August means that the off-season is about to end, and these hot products are basically autumn and winter fabrics, which are the fabrics that should be sold in the second half of the year. Many clothing manufacturers also The preparations began one after another, which directly caused the hot sale at this stage.

   The market has gradually improved since July. The current market may still have a gap compared with the same period in previous years, but it has begun to improve compared with the nightmarish first half of the year. In the past few years, the demand for clothing has been lower and lower. The textile market usually does not have any particularly hot-selling products. When it is only relied on some large-scale goods to maintain its business, the gradual improvement of these conventional products may be a precursor to the textile market going on track. , But there are still textile bosses saying that orders are still not many...

   Although the market has improved, the “dangerous” should not be underestimated

In fact, many textile bosses were not optimistic about the market in the second half of the year. First of all, they thought that the demand had become smaller in recent years. 2019 was considered to be the worst year in recent years. In principle, the textile market is "good three." Everyone thinks that this year is not a good year. Secondly, many textile bosses believe that the epidemic will not end so easily, and it will still "frequently come." For example, referring to the textile industry disrupted by the epidemic in the first half of the year, the textile boss is still very panicked.

   But according to the recent market situation, the textile market has indeed begun to turn for the better, so a big question has also arisen. Are there textile bosses who start blindly producing because the market is improving now? The situation has changed from joy to sadness?

The editor believes that such a situation is absolutely possible. Nowadays, some textile bosses have started production because the market has improved slightly. Today's textile market can be said to be "unpredictable". No one can predict whether the next market will be able to Keep going, so textile bosses still have to be alert to the problem of overcapacity, after all, grey fabrics are not as valuable as before!

   Generally speaking, the market has indeed improved in the recent stage, but as to how long it lasts, it depends on the next situation. However, I believe that the "Golden Nine and Silver Ten" will not be late, and the ones that should come will come. The textile bosses should be calm, don't over-value gold, nine and silver, and be cautious in everything!

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