[Following the tentative rise in the previous]
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Following the tentative rise in the previous few days, polyester filaments finally ushered in a general rise, and the quotations of various manufacturers have increased.

   On the 31st, the price of polyester yarn at Dongtai No. 1 Plant was raised by RMB 50;

   The price of Juxing chemical fiber polyester yarn was partially increased by 100 yuan;

  The price of polyester yarn in a major factory in Taicang increased by 100 yuan;

  The price of polyester yarn from another factory in Hangzhou increased by 50-100 yuan;

   Another POY factory in Xiaoshan raised the price of polyester yarn by 50-100 yuan today...

   At the same time, the production and sales of polyester filament yarn by polyester manufacturers have also experienced a long-lost increase.

   On the 30th, the polyester filament market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang performed well. The average production and sales of major manufacturers were 100%-120%, and the production and sales of some better factories could reach 200%.

   On the 31st, the production and sales of polyester filament market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang declined slightly, but the production and sales of better factories could reach 150%.

   At the end of July, the price of polyester filament began to flip with production and sales, which caused waves in the market that was originally a stagnant water. Then what is the reason behind this wave of "sao operation" of polyester filament?


   Weaving and replenishment at the end of the month, production and sales rose

   For a long time, the end of the month has been the time node for the weaving manufacturers to replenish their goods regularly, and the production and sales will improve unwritten at the end of the month. Especially since the impact of the epidemic, polyester yarn prices have continued to bottom out, suppressing the enthusiasm of weaving manufacturers to stock up, and the psychology of buying up and not buying down has affected the stocking operation of manufacturers, and just-needed purchases have always been a means for weaving companies to stock up. Generally speaking, manufacturers will prepare goods for about 10-15 days. Therefore, the last wave of production and sales in July was in mid-July. By the end of the month, the consumption of raw materials was almost the same. With the replenishment node at the end of the month, production and sales would naturally improve. .


   PTA and ethylene glycol prices rise, cost support

   Recently, the prices of PTA and ethylene glycol have risen steadily. As of the 31st, the internal price of PTA was around 3545 yuan/ton, and the price of ethylene glycol was around 3670 yuan/ton. On the one hand, boosted by the rise in crude oil prices, it has created a greater driving force for the chemical product market, and the PTA and ethylene glycol markets have recovered; on the other hand, the inventory of ethylene glycol in East China ports has been slow to enter the warehouse in the recent stage, and the inventory growth Slowing down, some PTA devices ushered in overhaul, and the operating rate has declined. These have formed effective support for their prices, which in turn promoted the price of polyester yarns.


  Some products have been delivered smoothly and demand has increased

   Although it is still in the off-season for textiles, some products still perform well. Recent market transactions are mostly concentrated in autumn and winter apparel fabrics, especially elastic fabrics. In addition, T8 fabrics and foamed fabrics have also been selling well recently, and some dyeing factories have increased their warehousing volume, resulting in crowded queues.

Mr. Cao, who is doing finishing processing, said: “Recently, we mainly promoted the production of foam materials, which are applied to release paper fabrics for finishing and processing. It is suitable for down jackets. The customer response has been good. Orders have been placed, which is even better than last year. I can't feel the off-season atmosphere at all." The fabric market has picked up, and the demand for grey fabrics will increase, which indirectly supports higher polyester prices.

   Although polyester yarns ushered in a wave of upswing under the favorable resonance of all parties, and weaving factories are actively replenishing goods, there are still big negative factors behind this. Especially in this year's poor environment and the traditional off-season situation, negative factors are more likely to be "fatal."

   Two levels of market differentiation, tired inventory is still the current mainstream

   In today's textile market, the two-stage differentiation is more obvious, and products are unevenly heated and cold. Although the sales of some products are hot, but looking at the whole market, the unsalable sales of conventional products are even more common, and the partial improvement cannot continue to drive the market to warm up. Therefore, most weaving manufacturers, except for the decline in the later stage, the tired inventory is still the mainstream. According to the sample companies tested by China Silkdu.com, the current stock of grey fabrics in Shengze is around 45-46 days. Inventory continues to refresh and the demand for polyester yarn will weaken more obviously.

   Foreign economic recovery is difficult and the "consumption engine" is weak

   The epidemic is still devouring the resilience of production in other foreign countries. The continuous outbreak of the epidemic in many countries has caused the production to be suspended, and the economy has been severely blocked. Take the United States as an example. A few days ago, the US Department of Commerce released data stating that US gross domestic product (GDP) fell by 32.9% year-on-year in the second quarter of 2020, the largest decline since the US government began tracking the data in 1947. Consumption is the main engine of economic growth. The epidemic has reduced the income of residents, hindered the resumption of work, and greatly reduced the demand for textile and clothing products.

Whether it is polyester filaments, grey cloths, fabrics, or clothing, their own fundamentals and macro-information factors can affect their sales and prices, but consumption is still one of the most important factors, and before the end of the epidemic, production and consumption will recover slowly , And then affect their later market trends.

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